Fish From Our Fish Farms
Silver carp
Silver carp
Silver carp was brought to our region from China. It is cultivated in fish farms, and it has inhabited the Danube and its affluents. It is brought into our waters in artificial way by stocking with fish and most often together with the grass carp. Toss two fishes live in some kind of symbiosis i.e. grass carp feeds on higher water plants – phytoplankton (algae and unicellular organisms), and silver carp feeds on the lower ones.

Silver carp is very important for maintenance of the oxygen water regimen because it cleans the water from grass. There are two known types of silver carp: white (lat. Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) and grey (lat. Hypophthalmichthys nobulus).

Its body is high, flat on the sides and its head is wide – with fat forehead and eyes lowered below the longer side of the body axis. That is why it was named after its fat forehead (in Russian “толсти лоб – “tolstij lob” means fat forehead) or big head. Its lower jaw is protruding and moves upwards. Its back is dark grey, its sides silver and belly white. It has irregular streaks of dark red and brown. Chest fins reach the belly fins, they are flattened and pointing towards the back. The tail fin is extremely big and well incised, and the back fin is short and elevated. Its fins are grey and sometimes with dark red and plain red shading. Its scales are small and thin.

Silver carp is a river, white and lean fish. Its meat is extremely juicy. It has strong and big bones and may be eaten without a problem and easily which is why it is a real gourmet treat.