Fish From Our Fish Farms
Carp is the most significant type of fish in plain area waters, both from the commercial and gastronomic and sport aspect. Most often it inhabits canals, lakes and calmer rivers, and for its habitat it usually chooses tree logs and trunks which have been submerged in water for a long time.

The value of carp was first noted by ancient Romans, and later it was moved from Europe to North America and Australia. Today carp farming has become a special science discipline which is carefully studied in developed countries but in our country as well.

Body of carp is elongated and round and its head large, mouth are surrounded by four outgrowths in the form of whiskers. It has one back fin which starts with a sharp spoke. The back side of the body may have different colours, depending on the habitat while the belly side is mostly lighter. Carp specimens may achieve the length of up to 1 m and mass of above 20 kg.

Carp meat is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) because it contains easily digestible proteins and its Omega-3 fatty acids have a preventive influence on the heart muscle activity as well as on entire well-being of people.

As food, carp is very quickly and easily prepared and is a staple during the period of family saints celebrations during the Lent, and people who take care of their health eat it on regular basis.