Agricultural products
Corn Corn Corn stands out among all cereal crops with the greatest yield potential. Regarding the organic matter it can yield per hectare it is counted among the field plants with the greatest quantity of useful organic matter. It is used for human and domestic animals diet and for industrial production. Almost all parts of the corn plant may be used for industrial processing, which is exactly what gives the corn its special economic significance. More » Wheat Wheat Wheat is the most important kind of cereal crop, according to its presence, production, consumption, nutritional value and also according to its significance in international trade. It is on the second place of the total production of cereal crops yield right after corn, while rice is in the third place. More » Soy Soy Soy seed is a high quality food for humans. Apart from direct use in nourishment, soy is also used as a very important raw material in food industry. Soy proteins and oil have wide application in other branches of industry: rubber industry, paints, lacquers, glues, pharmaceutical industry, etc. It is becoming an increasingly popular raw material for biodiesel. It also has extremely high significance in diet of domestic animals. More » Beet Beet Apart from the main product, sugar, by-products have great importance in the production of beet, such as leaves with heads, beet noodles, molasses and saturation sludge. Dry beet noodles present concentrated cattle feed and may be easily transported and stored for a long time. More »