Business system

Crop farming production

Breeding cereal and oil crops as raw material base for fish feed is organised at the agrarian sector of the company DTD RIBARSTVO which undertakes its activities at an area of 4.120 ha.

Factory for fish feed production

Long term experience in fish farming, with the most modern technology and rigorous standards of quality of the raw material has enabled a wide spectre of high quality raw material, perfectly adjusted to farming different fish ages.

Fish production

Aquaculture, traditional activity of the company from the day of its establishment, is conducted at an area of 1.100 ha of pond, at 4 locations in Vojvodina (Jazovo, Spski Miletić, Žabalj and Susek).

Fish processing factory

The newly built fish processing factory fully complies with the strictest European food safety standards.
The construction of the factory was completed in 2010 and at the beginning of 2011 the following production lines were put into operation.


Wholesale distribution of own products and export are expanded via the sales network which currently consists of 5 wholesale centres - Bački Jarak, Belgrade, Čačak, Jagodina and Aleksinac and 16 specialised shops.