Crop farming production

Breeding cereal and oil crops as raw material base for fish feed is organised at the agrarian sector of the company DTD RIBARSTVO which undertakes its activities at an area of 4.120 ha.

At the moment of land purchase the fields were poorly kept and held little promise but now, thanks to the application of agro-technology and the know-how of agro-engineers employed at DTD Ribarstvo, they are now among the first class of fertile Vojvodina arable lands.

The farm in Lovćenac is located along the Corridor 10 in the area of 2.294 ha and the farm in Banatsko Aranđelovo is located at the tri-border point of Serbia – Romania – Hungary where 1.826 ha are being cultivated.

Crop cultures are produced at both farms in strictly controlled conditions for the needs of the factory for fish feed production in Bački Jarak, and a large portion of products (surplus) is released in free sale.

Regarding the mechanisation, the farms own the Casse big tractor line – Casse 335 Magnum (3 vehicles) and Stayer 380. Apart from these, the tractors Casse 125, 95 and 80 are also present in the mechanisation structure.

Combines Casse 7120, 3 of those, service the entire area during the harvest. A range of adjoining machines of renowned global producers (Lemken, Vogel & Knot, Kuhn etc.) guarantee land cultivation under optimal agrotechnical conditions which is a precondition for high yields.

Last year yields indicate that DTD Ribarstvo is able to achieve, under favourable climatic conditions, extremely high yields. Storage capacities (30.000 t of grain goods) enable the products to be kept under optimal conditions.

The company’s investments into the agrarian sector are especially directed to storage systems and watering systems which guarantee safe production for the future.