Factory for fish feed production

Fish feed production at DTD Ribarstvo for its own needs began in 2007 at a plant with capacity of 4.000 t of pellet food. However, with the goal to achieve controlled quality of fish and intensify production in a two-year cycle, from 2008 to 2009 a plant was built in Bački Jarak for extruded and pellet fish feed under the name Riboks.

Long term experience in fish farming, with the most modern technology and rigorous standards of quality of the raw material has enabled a wide spectre of high quality raw material, perfectly adjusted to farming different fish ages. Riboks extruded feed is produced according to the most contemporary technology, which enables excellent conversion in fish production.

Production flow is vertical at 5 levels, which enables the grain and product flow in a free fall, eliminates friction and provides a more homogenous product. Advantages of the Riboks line include the pulveriser, DDC conditioner and two-worm extruder. These elements enable better texture, taste and digestibility of food as well as the highest usage of nutritious ingredients.

Riboks feed disintegrates in water more slowly than other feeds since drying is done from the product core, at a 40 m line, and at an optimal temperature. Vacuum couter enables equal greasiness of the food, smaller porosity and production of feed with high percentage of fat.

Riboks production line is maximally automatised, whereby precise dosage of components and optimal process flow are ensured as well as the even quality of the finished product.

The best quality raw materials are used in the production of Riboks feed.

  • Animal origin proteins – Riboks is produced with fish flour from bluefish – herring. Unlike the whitefish flour, bluefish flour contains a high level of natural leasing – the most important amino acid for fish, which contributes to regular growth and development of the farmed fish.
  • Fat – Fat content in the feed encourages better fitness of the fish, resistance to diseases and tolerance to changes of the water temperature. Riboks feed stands out with its high fat-acidic content which enables better health condition of the fish.
  • Vitamins and minerals (Premix) – Riboks feed contains an optimal proportion of vitamins and minerals, adjusted to the needs of different fish age categories. Only thermostable components are used which, in spite of being exposed to high temperatures, do not lose their useful properties.
  • Plant origin proteins – Riboks contains the best quality plant proteins which the fish adopts easily and which are obtained from soy cake, produced at our plant, without chemical treatment unlike the protein from soy and sunflower pellets which are previously chemically treated with damaging matter – hexane.
  • Cereal crops – Controlled, stable quality of cereal crops is necessary for the feed to be uniform. With our own production of cereal crops we enable controlled quality of the raw materials, without the genetically modified organisms.

The factory is equipped with high quality and modern technology and has a 1.200 m2 high rack warehouse.