Fish processing factory

The newly built fish processing factory fully complies with the strictest European food safety standards.
The construction of the factory was completed in 2010 and at the beginning of 2011 the following production lines were put into operation:

  • Slaughter and cleaning of freshwater fish
  • Fresh fish processing
  • Re-packing of frozen fish into retail size packaging
  • Frozen fish processing
  • Smoking
  • Fish pâtés

The highest level of hygiene is implemented in all phases of fish processing, as well as in processing of fish waste.

From August 2010, the fish processing factory of DTD RIBARSTVO is listed as approved for export into the Russian Federation.

The Committee of Ministry of agriculture, trade, forestry and water management determined in its visit in December 2011 that the Fish processing factory as well as the freezer in Bački Jarak fulfil all the veterinary-sanitary, general and special conditions for export into the EU countries markets wherby the licence to export was obtained.