Fish farm "Jazovo"

The fish farm is mostly made on saline soil, along the river Zlatica water flow and stretches along the North-South direction (the fish farm’s longest sides are Eastern and Western).

It began working in 1972 (and was upgraded and its capacities expanded in 1985 and 1991).

The fish farm „Zlatica” today has a total usable fish farm area of 379 hectares and has within its complex, apart from the management building and the winter storage, 10 functional ponds.

Water supply of the fish farm ponds is done by means of a pump transfer from the river Zlatica water flow, at the end of winter and start of spring (in extreme cases – due to evaporation and refreshing, water is let into the ponds during the entire spring or summer). Discharge of water from the ponds is done in the autumn, before the catch of the cultivated fish.

The fish farm „Zlatica” is half-systemic, specialised for farming fish from fry to market size.

Apart from carp, as the most frequent fish species farmed at the fish farm, there is a small percentage of the so-called Asian fish complex: white and gray silver carp and white grass carp, and a very small percentage predatorial fish species: catfish and zander (less than 1% of the total fish quantity).