Company Profile

The story of DTD Ribarstvo began in 1952 with establishment of the company “Šaran” from Petrovaradin, registered for farming and sale of carp and other freshwater fish species.

At the end of the sixties, several similar companies joined “Šaran” before it was merged with five other biggest fish producers from the countries of former Yugoslavia. Together they continued to operate under the name “Yugoslav freshwater fishery complex”, with the seat in Belgrade.

Its later transformation (in 1978) resulted in renewed establishment of the company “Šaran” as an independent company, later merging with Fishery station (specialized in training technology experts in fish farming) thus creating DTD Ribarstvo, the company that is known today.

In 1998, DTD Ribarstvo harmonized its legal form with the Law on companies and continued to operate as a stock company. In 2006 the company was fully privatised and is now owned by its present stockholders.

From then on, DTD Ribarstvo became the leading fish distributor in Serbia, constantly increasing the offer of its products, expanding its sale network and reaching new market segments. The company is focused on attaining top quality products through the introduction of modern methods and technologies as well as through control of raw material and final products. Right now, the company is organised in four profit units.

Aquaculture, traditional company activity since its establishment, is conducted at an area of 1.100 ha of lake, at 5 locations in Vojvodina (Jazovo, Srpski Miletić, Žabalj, Susek and Futog).

Wholesale and retail distribution of own products and export are expanding through a sales network currently consisting of 5 wholesale centres (Bački Jarak, Belgrade, Čačak, Jagodina and Aleksinac) and 35 specialised shops.

Production of fish feed started in 2007, culminating by construction of a new plant in the same year in Bački Jarak, with the primary goal to obtain the best quality raw material and control the costs of production.

Agriculture, which primarily includes activities in production of raw material for fish feed has been present starting from 2008 (Lovćenac) and 2009 (Banatsko Aranđelovo) at 4.120 ha of arable land.

Towards the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010, DTD Ribarstvo built and commissioned a fish processing factory. The factory is fully automatised and is one of the registered fish slaughter houses in Serbia.

Products from the fish processing plant are placed on the market under the trademark Ribella.