Quality management system

The quality of our products and services is implied and considered the precondition for customer satisfaction. Quality is the most important factor for the success of DTD Ribarstvo and affects its positive image in the market.
DTD Ribarstvo from Bački Jarak has a strictly planned and properly implemented quality control system.

As a company involved in the production and processing of fish, we are aware of our responsibility to our buyers, customers and distributors. With the commitment and enthusiasm of all the employees at DTD Ribarstvo, our main priority regarding the quality issue is to achieve the highest possible degree of customer satisfaction.

We guarantee this through the production and processing of our products, which are:
• healthy
• safe
• and of a high quality.

The crowning moment of the many years of operation of DTD Ribarstvo and almost 60 years of tradition in fish farming and processing is the certificate we obtained in September 2010 for our Quality Management System in line with EN ISO 9001:2008 with HACCP principles, which provided the conditions for exporting fish and fish products to the market of the Customs Union of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan, and to EU countries.

The system which controls critical points in the production process, from the entry of raw material into the factory to delivery to customers, confirms that we meet the needs of our customers regarding their requirements for uncontaminated and healthy freshwater and marine fish as well as our customers’ need for fish feed produced by DTD Ribarstvo.
Because of our customers’ growing requirements, increased responsibility of shop assistants, globalisation and stricter legal obligations, it was necessary for DTD Ribarstvo to introduce a uniform standard for quality assurance and ensuring food safety.

The International Food Standard is both a quality standard and a food safety standard in one, developed to check the competences of food producers in terms of safety and food quality by applying only one tool, the standard, and thus saving time and money.
The purpose of the IFS standard is to create a consistent evaluation system for all companies which supply retail shops with food. This is primarily refers to the brands of large retail chains.