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Grass carp
Grass carp
Grass carp originates from the river of the same name (Amur) on the border between Chine and Russia. It was brought to our waters from Hungary, in order to feed on the vegetation in smaller canals and prevent their entanglement. Thanks to its tasty and good quality meat, it quickly became a part of regular fish farm breeding. Supporting the quality of the grass carp is the fact that in its country of origin, China, it has been bred and eaten for over 2.000 years.

Grass carp is an herbivore which belongs to the carp genus of fish. Its mouth are strong and spiky, intended for tearing of the water plants and its forehead is wide.

It has a strong and sinewy body – its back is grey-green and sides gently flattened with light coloured belly and grey fins. It may even reach the length of up to 2 metres and its mass may reach above 50 kg (although the fishing average is from 3 to 12 kg).

Grass carp meat is lean and tasty and that makes it a favourite during the period of family saints celebrations during the Lent. Also, its meat is often included in the menus of various forms of dietary regimens.